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In an effort to have an outlet to design, produce and market various types of art and collectibles, Crimson Collectibles, LLC was born.

The brainchild of music memorabilia collector JoeMisfit - who brings over 20 years of experience with sales and marketing, and digital artist Claw-Markes - who brings a vast multi-decade array of all artistic mediums to the table, together have joined their talents to share their passions with you.

Sticking with a concept of only releasing a handful of major projects and designs a year, Crimson Collectibles, LLC strives itself with quality over quantity to bring to you items that you'll enjoy being a part of your own collection and décor.  As major collectors themselves of music, movie, and pop culture items with a penchant for the macabre, Crimson Collectibles, LLC would like to share their taste of the darker sides of life with you.

For all the NC-17 types of people out there who forever root for and like the villains more, we raise a glass.

May the music be louder, may the hair be longer, the metal be heavier, the solos faster, the crazy, even crazier and the horror movies more violent and bloody than the ones within our minds.
Crimson Collectibles, LLC.

Art and Collectibles for like-minded individuals, just like yourself.

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